The project aims at demonstrating an innovative light source that covers 2.7...3.5 µm wavelength range with a resolution <1nm. The spectral bands are switchable and tuneable and they can be modulated.

The source allows for the fabrication of an affordable multi-band gas sensor with good selectivity and sensitivity. The unit price can be lowered in high-volumes by utilizing tailored molded IR lens technology and automated packaging and assembling technologies. In safety and security applications, the Mid-IR wavelength range covered by the source allows for the detection of several harmful gas components with a single sensor.

The market impact is expected to be disruptive, since the devices currently in the market are either complicated, expensive and heavy instruments, or the applied measurement principles are inadequate in terms of stability and selectivity. The source will be validated in several key applications including building ventilation, high voltage asset monitoring, emission monitoring, gas leakage monitoring as well as process control and safety.

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