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POETICS comes as a Research and Innovation project aiming to develop novel Terabit optical engines and optical switching circuits and co-package them with digital switching chips to realize Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) for next generation switching equipment with Tb/s capacities and very high energy efficiency that fit into the roadmap of vendors.

In order to achieve this, POETICS is relying on a photonic integration technology based on a silicon nitride platform, optical polymers, InP electro-absorption modulated lasers (EMLs) and external cavity lasers and on high-speed electronics based on BiCMOS technology.

Specific targets in POETICS are:

  • MCM with 1.6 Tb/s OEs and PolyBoard with parallel SMFs on par with the PSM/DR spec for intra-DC connectivity
  • MCM with 1.6 Tb/s OEs and 3D PolyBoard with duplex MCFs for 5G optical fronthaul applications
  • Low-power-consumption 3D Benes Optical Switch
  • MCM coherent 64 Gbaud OEs with up to 600 Gb/s capacity for DC interconnect applications

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