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ACTPHAST (Access CenTer for PHotonics innovAtion Solutions and Technology Support) is a unique "one-stop-shop" for supporting photonics innovation by European companies.

ACTPHAST provides open access to the full supply chain of cutting-edge photonics technologies from 24 of Europe's top research institutes through a single streamlined support centre, funded by the European Commission under Horizon2020.

ACTPHAST 4.0 supports both photonics and non-photonics companies all across Europe to get new photonics-enabled products from concept to prototype by removing the major innovation roadblocks for companies, especially SMEs, in using cutting-edge photonics technologies, in particular by lowering the risk (ACTPHAST does the matching between the business challenges, and the best photonics experts and technologies to solve them), lowering the cost (75%-100% subsidy for SMEs), reducing the administrative burden (ACTPHAST does most of the paperwork), and delivering faster results (ACTPHAST completes innovation projects with the supported companies within 6-9 months). ACTPHAST 4.0 typically operates in the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 3 to 6.

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