The InSiDe project is developing a hand-held laser Doppler interferometer exploiting silicon photonics and efficient algorithms to deliver real-time signal analysis of selected cardiovascular parameters. This high-tech, low-cost monitoring device will fill an unmet need with important implications for patients and healthcare systems.

Building on the realizations of the successful CARDIS (H2020-EU. project, the objective of InSiDe is to accelerate access to a new diagnostic device, based on silicon photonics technology, able to monitor cardiovascular diseases and to prove its efficacy in driving a timely therapy institution and its related follow-up.

We will:

  • Develop an efficient miniaturized laser Doppler interferometer supported by a manufacturable package with integrated imaging optics and by electronics for control of the laser interferometer with onboard near-real time signal processing capability.
  • Develop algorithms for translation of the interferometer signals to beat-to-beat measurement results relevant for monitoring and diagnosis of selected cardiovascular parameters
  • Prove the device efficacy in multiple clinical feasibility studies inside and outside the consortium
  • Outline a path to industrialization and manufacturability

In this way InSiDe will realize a low-cost handheld, robust diagnostic tool, manufacturable in high-volumes. The diagnostic tool gives immediate results for physician's interpretation.

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