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The overall objective of HILIGHT is to implement innovative solutions into versatile light sources and systems as tools for biomedical and healthcare applications centred around two-photon excitation fluorescence lifetime measurements and imaging microscopy


Two specific use cases are proposed:

  • instantaneous digital histopathology and
  • biomedical research in the context of cancer research and diagnostics. 

HILIGHT proposes a miniaturised and versatile optical pulse burst source together with innovative sensing technology that will permit overcoming those limitations in state-of-the-art instrumentation that often confine the use of two-photon microscopy and time-resolved detection to the specialist laboratory. It is envisaged that the HILIGHT innovations could disrupt activities in various fields and a range of market segments, including academic and research institutions, biotechnology, and medical facilities. These include applications targeted to improve understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease using in vivo, ex vivo, or 3D organotypic cultures, with the ultimate aim of developing better tools for fast and early diagnosis and more effective therapeutic interventions. 

HILIGHT is structured around nine work packages covering the whole value chain, coherently with the concept of the project standing on strong enabling technology foundations and targeting biophotonic and medical application domains. The HILIGHT consortium is comprised of five leading partners from various fields experienced in European collaborative projects and from five different European countries (FR, DE, IT, CH, and UK). HILIGHT is built on several prior and ongoing successful collaborations between partners, providing a strong guarantee for successful interaction within the consortium and smooth implementation of the work plan.