MAShES aims to develop a breakthrough compact imaging system for RT closed-loop control of laser processing. It will be built on a novel multispectral optics and multisensor arrangement in the VIS-MWIR spectrum.

Absolute temperature, geometry, and speed, will be imaged accurately and reliably. RT process control, and cognitive readjustment and process quality diagnosis will be embedded.

MAShES will be designed under a modular approach, customizable for different laser processing applications. Scenarios of high added value and impact will be selected for demonstration (e.g. additive manufacturing of large parts, joining of dissimilar materials).

As a result, MAShES addresses the development of a novel intelligent and self-adaptive system for continuous and autonomous process control. The use of MAShES system will allow the harmonization of high performance and quality with cost effective productivity, enabling at process level, reconfigurable, adaptive, and evolving factories. End-users would be capable to deal with highly dynamic operations in a productive way.

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