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NEBULA aims to provide the foundations for a common future-proof transceiver technology platform with ultra-high bandwidth capabilities offered by a CMOS compatible toolkit and tailored towards meeting performance, cost and energy metrics in both inter-DCI coherent and intra-DCI ASIC co-packaged optics.

In this context NEBULA invests in the established bandwidth- and energy saving credentials of plasmonic modulator solutions together with the functional digital processing portfolio of neuromorphic optical reservoir computing engines, tailoring them in System-in-Package prototype assemblies that can intersect with the challenging framework of both inter- and intra-DCI segments. NEBULA will highlight its technology's unrivaled combination of benefits by deploying and demonstrating:

  • A fully-functional 8-channel 112Gbaud 16QAM C-band transceiver prototype, with SiN-based Neuromorphic Augmented Reservoir Chip (NARC) that employs CMOS compatible ferroelectric photonic weights, offering an aggregate capacity of 3.2Tbps.
  • A fully-functional sub-Volt 8-channel 112Gbaud PAM4 O-band transmitter co-packaged with a data generating ASIC, offering a 1.6Tbps aggregate capacity.

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