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PROMETHEUS will deliver the next generation in high power ultra-short pulse laser surface processing.

The project will develop key enabling component technologies including; ultra-short pulse laser architectures with pulse duration in the range 700 ps – 10ns, average power >1kW and pulse repetition rates >500Hz.

These innovative laser solutions will be combined with laser optics (diffractive optic element beam splitting and M2 transformations), optical fibre delivery and in-process inspection and control to enable high throughput, high spatial resolution Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) surface processing.

The PROMETHEUS integrated system will be demonstrated to deliver unprecedented surface texturing speeds of up to 5 m2/ min, enabling high resolution features down to 1 µm to be produced with minimal heat impact on work pieces.

PROMETHEUS will specifically take the current technology development from TRL 4 to TRL 6 within a 3-year programme and will deliver an integrated laser processing demonstrator as an objective of the project.

This demonstrator system will be capable of delivering a broad range of surface functionalities onto metals, polymers and ceramics.

PROMETHEUS is an ambitious project representing a pan-European EU consortium of world leading industrial and research partners with 4 multinational end-user representatives, Maier, Johnson and Johnson, Fiat Chrysler Automobile group and Arcelik will critically assess the projects outputs against current industrial processes.

These major end-users represent the automotive, white goods and fast-moving consumer goods markets and will test both the process and the resultant surfaces again current production for a range of applications, including: non-stick, low wear/friction, oleophobic and hydrophobic properties. By demonstrating high-speed processing and commercial application of the technology, PROMETHEUS will overcome the main limitations currently preventing large scale commercialisation.