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PROSCOPE is working to develop and integrate recent advances in optical imaging and optical probe technology into one platform. The concept will be validated in clinical settings using existing endoscopes providing minimally invasive optical imaging that fits into current clinical procedures.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most common cause of cancer death in Europe, yet survival rates rise dramatically when caught early. A contributing factor is that current colonoscopy, i.e., white light video or optical narrow band imaging, is inadequate for in-vivo detection and characterisation of the various types of (pre-)cancerous lesions found in the colon.

Point-of-care, real-time polyp diagnosis and image guided intervention has the potential to have a major impact by enabling early onset of treatment; thus reduced recurrence rate, by improving interval screening, and by reducing pathology costs incurred during colonoscopy.

A complete, reliable optical diagnosis is sensitive to morphological and biochemical changes. Unfortunately, no single optical method provides both. PROSCOPE seeks to provide a unique combination of label-free, non-ionizing, proven optical imaging modalities that provides higher sensitivity and specificity compared to current colonoscopy. This will enable a step-change in point-of-care management of CRC.

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