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RETINA aims to develop two new photonic-based sensory systems encompassing hardware and software solutions tailored to meet the high added value and customised needs of the healthcare, automotive, and agriculture sectors. 

The project will establish a comprehensive framework for the development of photonic technologies, with a specific focus on next-generation hardware solutions, including a novel PIC-based LIDAR solution, and cost-efficient CMOS, InGaAs, and QDs snapshot spectral imagers. These efforts will be complemented by the creation of a digital infrastructure for agile and efficient development of Machine Learning-based perception algorithms.

RETINA will demonstrate how direct collaboration among developers and manufacturers of photonic solutions, data elaboration and AI experts, as well as leading companies in strategic sectors, can drive the agile development of customised sensory systems and their deployment and validation in operational environments. The project will showcase the potential for adaptability, scalability, and transferability of these photonic-based solutions by addressing a range of industrial needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These include:

  • identification of tumorous cells and monitoring of blood perfusion in surgical applications;
  • advanced ADAS vehicle collision detection systems for autonomous driving; and
  • precision viticulture solutions for managing hydric status and predicting pathogens infections.