Tuesday, 30 April 2024

European photonics infrastructure could support Pentagon

The resilience of U.S. satellite networks against foreign threats, such as China and Russia, is a top prioritiy for the U.S. Space Force.

As budgets are limited the Department of Defense has to prioritize and needs to invests in the most essential technologies  to remain at the leading edge militarily and technologically and to strengthen its global position as defense superpower.

One such technology is optical communication. While the U.S. invests in domestic laser R&D, the global leaders in the field among its allies are in Europe.

European funding programmes have contributed to strengthen commercial photonics and photonics research. In addition to this the work of a broad network of research universities and organisations across Europe backs the commercial applications of laser. The U.S. can benefit of this robust photonics infrastructure in Europe to raise its defense.

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