Micro-transfer printing course (in-person)

2024 30–31 July

Micro-transfer printing (MTP) is a cutting-edge technology in heterogeneous integration that enables the transfer of microscale structures and devices from one substrate to another with high precision and accuracy. This process involves the use of specialized machinery, mechanisms, and software that are specifically designed for micro-transfer printing. This course is tailored to the needs of graduates and seasoned professionals in both academic and industrial spheres. It presents an opportunity to acquire indispensable proficiencies in the realm of micro-transfer printing. While an educational background in science or engineering is very advantageous, this course welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds who harbor a curiosity for this cutting-edge technology. A fundamental grasp of semiconductor technology is recommended but not obligatory. Course components - MTP machine and mechanisms - Alignment guidelines - Coupon and print - Lab demo and fabrication visit - InP, GaAs, GaN and Si based MTP technology

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